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  1. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Filter PLUS [powered by Mega Filter PRO][2.x, 3.x]

    You can see on our demo that the redirect works - for example: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/mfp/manufacturers,apple,ASUS,dell If you have problem in your store, maybe there exists a conflict with another module. If you want our help, just please send more details here: http://support.ocdemo.eu/
  2. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Filter PLUS [powered by Mega Filter PRO][2.x, 3.x]

    Thank you for all suggestions. In the latest version ( which soon be available in the stores) we have solved the following problems: 1. Added auto redirect to SEO Aliases. For example, if is configured the alias: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/?mfp=manufacturers[apple,ASUS,dell] -> http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/test-mfp-seo and the customer will open directly: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/?mfp=manufacturers[apple,ASUS,dell] will be automatically redirect to: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/test-mfp-seo To activate this option please go to MFP -> SEO -> SEO Settings -> and turn on "Auto redirect to SEO Aliases" 2. Added auto redirect to URL with or without slash at the end of URLs (depends of the settings in MFP -> SEO -> SEO Settings) 3. Problem has been resolved. Now isn't possible to open: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/test-mfp-seo in another categories. For example, if you will try to open: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops/pc/test-mfp-seo you will see error 404 If someone has any another suggestions about SEO, please let us know - we'll try to introduce them as soon as possible. We would be grateful if you could describe the problem in English.
  3. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Blog

    I'm sorry, but MFP doesn't support MB and we don't plan to integrate these modules. MB has its own search system and categories navigation. You can also browse articles by tags, so to be honest I'm not sure how you wanted to use MFP in MB. Please see: http://mblog.ocdemo.eu/docs/en/modules.html#category_navigation_module and http://mblog.ocdemo.eu/docs/en/features.html#settings_article_list (point 5).
  4. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Blog

    Access to admin is already available in our demo. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean?
  5. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Blog

    3,337 RUB View File Mega Blog Mega Blog is a module to easily present various types of news, articles and information about upcoming events in your online store! It will help you to stay in contact with customers, which will result with more website visitors and thus more sales! You can achieve it by the rich functionality and useful modules such as: Module Article which allow to display in 8 views (related articles to displayed article, related articles to displayed product, articles by category - latest/popular/random) Module related products to displayed article in 4 views Module with Category navigator Module search Module tags - A Frontend - the Backend - the demo / the demo - the Click found here to the get support Submitter OCMegaExtensions Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Модули Системные требования Ioncube Loader, PHP 5.4-7.1 Сайт разработчика Старая цена 5343 Метод активации По емейлу Ioncube Loader Требуется OpenCart 3.0 2.3 2.2 2.1 2.0 ocStore 2.3 2.2 2.1 OpenCart.Pro, ocShop  
  6. OCMegaExtensions

    Mega Blog

    Версия 2.0.3 + 3.0.2

    Mega Blog is a module to easily present various types of news, articles and information about upcoming events in your online store! Pomoże ci to pozostać w kontakcie z klientami, co spowoduje większą liczbę odwiedzających stronę, a tym samym większą sprzedaż! Możesz to osiągnąć dzięki bogatej funkcjonalności i przydatnym modułom, takim jak: Artykuł modułu, który pozwala wyświetlać w 8 widokach (powiązane artykuły do wyświetlanego artykułu, powiązane artykuły do wyświetlanego produktu, artykuły według kategorii - najnowsze / popularne / losowe) Moduł powiązanych produktów do wyświetlanego artykułu w 4 odsłonach Moduł z nawigatorem kategorii Wyszukiwanie modułu Tagi modułów - Frontend - Backend - wersja demo / demo - Click znaleziony tutaj, aby uzyskać wsparcie

    3 337.00 руб

  7. OCMegaExtensions

    Пришлите Акцтивацю

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  8. OCMegaExtensions

    Лицензия слетает без причины!

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  9. OCMegaExtensions

    Лицензия слетает без причины!

    A few hours ago we have answered on your email. Please don't duplicate requests and use only 1 communication channel.
  10. OCMegaExtensions

    Что за черт? Исправте!

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  11. OCMegaExtensions

    Добрый день! Прошу помочь.

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  12. OCMegaExtensions

    Mega Filter PLUS

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  13. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Filter PLUS [powered by Mega Filter PRO][2.x, 3.x]

    Please contact directly with us here info@ocdemo.eu and don't forget to include your Order ID.
  14. OCMegaExtensions

    [Поддержка] Mega Filter PLUS [powered by Mega Filter PRO][2.x, 3.x]

    As has been described on extenion page, after purchase you should contact with us and we will send you activation data.
  15. The cause of problem with MFP in the incoginto/private mode on apple devices isn't our module but JavaScript code included in OpenCart which trying to use localStorage which isn't availbe in this mode (file common.js). The same code is also duplicated in many custom templates and causing critical error in JavaScript. Therefore all another scripts which should be executed after it, doesn't work.When we introduced necessary modifications to the file common.js now everything working well - please see our demo: http://v2.ocdemo.eu/desktops Mega Filter Pro/Plus allows to modify each query generated to database inside MFP, so you can make any changes you need. Please read our documentation where everything is described: http://mfp.ocdemo.eu/docs/developers.html#database In the latest version we added the possibility to change the method of AJAX requiests from GET to POST. Please check MFP -> SEO tab -> Other tab.