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  1. I do not Understand Russian is English And Russian translation I of have an the open cart over a month and a the half, only the Problems view, a bit discouraged I of bought theme is 2.2 and you CAN upgrade to 2.3 Because I of have the ADMIN, in up my language, I of bought version 2.3 Anyone the who Wants to to help and by expert features the I of the DB in will of HIM give permission to Login TUVdotCOM Service the to server I do not understand this language Russian and Russian translation I have an open basket in the past month and a half, only problem, a little discouraged I bought the theme 2.2 and you can upgrade to 2.3, because I have the ADMIN, in my language, I bought version 2.3 Anyone who wants to help and expert functions in the database I will give him permission to login to the server