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  1. raivis


    Looking for guy who can help with some email, pay for it. If intrested ,send mail to raivis888@gmail.com or personal message.
  2. Hello, i have already done desig, is ther anyone who can code it for opencart? pay from 500$ up. if intrested please email me. raivis888@gmail.com thank you. i speak russian but my writting is bad at it ,.
  3. Everything works fine,but there is some issues, the model doesent import a size ,so its not realy god for clothing stores,second thing the description imports and shows in russian language,wat baisicly is not bad for russian peoples,but for other contrys thats not so good an u must retranslate evrything.so think about those two issues.good luck,keep up. 8-)
  4. 1) and 2) i change those images on the root but its still showing the same old images,(cleaned chache as well,still nothing) 3) Can i change the name ''Поделиться''? If yes then where? If someone can help me tu resoleve this,i could send him a couple $ ;)
  5. Dont be such a dumb,the templates in this forum,cost average 20-25 euros,so why somebody couldnt make a template like this and sell it to randome peoples for the same price?A didnt say do it for zero or smth like that and those who saying i will make it only for you and not gonna sell it for others ar truly lying,they do that,just modifing some modules etc. and keep selling to others.Anyway not gonna make a offtopic here.
  6. The template designer later can sell it to other customers :)
  7. Looking for oc template designer who can make for me oc template like this www.ekoshop.lv PRICE ~50-100$

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