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Create promotions backed by scientific research:

Promotions are all around us. They are influencing our consumer spending, making us more price sensitive and driving decisions on whether or not we should spend a part of our salary on this gadget we crave, or wait until we get this huge deal on Black Friday. We believe that promotions are an essential part of any marketing strategy mix and when done right can do miracles for your business. We based our new Promotions module on Scientific research, as well as a mix of Promotion strategies that worked for us and our clients. Part of the options are also influenced by big companies such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Souq and Alibaba.com.

Main Features:

✯ Ability to discount on all products in manufacturer
✯ Option to skip discounts on products with specials
✯ Option to skip discounts on condition products
✯ Multilingual promotion name
✯ MultiStore
✯ Promotion listing page
✯ Displaying promotions in product tab
✯ Unlimited Possibilities - Promotions is the most sophisticated promotions module available for OpenCart. It allows you hundreds of different options to make your store promotion unique.
✯ Stackable or Non-Stackable Promotions - Promotions uses rules and actions to create different promotions for your store clients. The module allows you to combine different promotional rules and thus create more sophisticated promotions.
✯ 3 Types of Discounts - All about flexibility. Promotions allows you to set Percentage (for example 5%), Fixed amount (for example $20 dollars) or fix price (If a product costs $250, a customer might get it for $200).
✯ Start-date/End-date - We know store owners are busy. This is why we wanted to create an easy way to set promotions for specific dates. Create a limited time promotions by utilizing the start date, end date feature.
✯ Registered or Guest uses - Want to increase on-site registrations? You can now create promotions only applicable to registered customers.
✯ Max Allowed Use - While promotions are an awesome way to drive store traffic and sales, some customers might get too much of them. Promotions allows you to set max uses for a promotion or per customer.
✯ Admin Test Mode - Want to test the promotion just to make sure its the way you envisioned it? No problem - Promotions allows you to create promotions that only the admins of the site are able to see
✯ Journal Theme Compatible - Promotions module is fully compatible with Journal OpenCart Theme.
✯ Promotions is following the default OpenCart functionality to apply discounts in the shopping cart, which makes it also compatible with all third-party checkout modules in the marketplace.

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