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Возникла ошибка при обновлении. Требуется помощь

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Сделал бэкап файлов с хостинга, сделал экспорт товаров, бэкап базы из админки, залил файлы сборки без конфигов, запустил install, процесс пошел, но через какое то время вылезла ошибка 504 Gateway Time-Out, вернулся назад, запустил обновление заново, теперь вылезает ошибка:rn rn

Could not Execute: INSERT INTO `oc_url_alias` (`url_alias_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (500001, 'common/home', ''), (500002, 'account/wishlist', 'wishlist'), (500003, 'account/account', 'account'), (500004, 'checkout/cart', 'shopping-cart'), (500005, 'checkout/checkout', 'checkout'), (500006, 'account/login', 'login'), (500007, 'account/logout', 'logout'), (500008, 'account/order', 'order-history'), (500009, 'account/newsletter', 'newsletter'), (500010, 'product/special', 'specials'), (500011, 'affiliate/account', 'affiliates'), (500012, 'checkout/voucher', 'gift-vouchers'), (500013, 'product/manufacturer', 'manufacturers'), (500014, 'information/contact', 'contact'), (500015, 'information/sitemap', 'sitemap'), (500016, 'account/forgotten', 'forgot-password'), (500017, 'account/download', 'downloads'), (500018, 'account/return', 'returns'), (500019, 'account/transaction', 'transaction'), (500020, 'account/register', 'register-account'), (500021, 'product/compare', 'compare-products'), (500022, 'product/search', 'search'), (500023, 'account/edit', 'edit-account'), (500024, 'account/password', 'change-password'), (500025, 'account/address', 'address-book'), (500026, 'account/reward', 'reward-points'), (500027, 'affiliate/edit', 'affiliate-edit-account'), (500028, 'affiliate/password', 'affiliate-change-password'), (500029, 'affiliate/payment', 'affiliate-payment-options'), (500030, 'affiliate/tracking', 'affiliate-tracking-code'), (500031, 'affiliate/transaction', 'affiliate-transactions'), (500032, 'affiliate/logout', 'affiliate-logout'), (500033, 'affiliate/forgotten', 'affiliate-forgot-password'), (500034, 'affiliate/register', 'affiliate-register-account'), (500035, 'affiliate/login', 'affiliate-login'), (500036, 'account/voucher', 'voucher'), (500037, 'account/customer_support', 'customer-support'), (500038, 'account/return/success', 'return-success'), (500039, 'checkout/success', 'checkout-success'), (500040, 'account/success', 'account-register-success'), (500041, 'affiliate/success', 'affiliate-register-success'); rnDuplicate entry '500001' for key 'PRIMARY'

Помогите пожалуйста, подскажите как исправить эту проблему?

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