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ProductBundles is a MUST for anybody who loves cross-selling. First designed and implemented by Amazon, there isn't anyone who will be able to resist your offer for bundle buy of products. Everyone has done it. You go to buy a book and you end up with 5 books and a DVD. The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a bundle. The bundles display once you one open a product page. Customers are able to instantly see the bundle and the savings that the special price will bring them. Fastest way to making more sales.

Main Features:

✯ Set and Go. Bundle Products your way – Add 2,3,4 or more products in a bundle discount, choose display position and you are good to go. 
✯ Easy create unlimited number of bundles – ProductBundle allows you to create unlimited number of bundles. Psst, you can also feature the same product in as many bundles as you want. 
✯ Display bundles on any page – Product page, category page, you name it. ProductBundles allows you to display bundles on any page of your OpenCart Store.
✯ SEO friendly bundle name – Each bundle can have its own character. ProductBundles allows you to set an unique name to every bundle. This feature is also multi-lingual so you can set it in more than 1 language
✯ Build bundles with character – Customize bundle display preferences featuring wrapping bundles in widgets, how many bundles you want per widget, default or random display, bundle dimensions and more. 
✯ Ability to filter the bundles in the admin panel

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