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SocialDiscounts by iSenseLabs promotes your OpenCart store while your are earning your site visitor's loyalty. 

Main Features:

✯ Non-cumulative discount
✯ Enable/Disable SocialDiscounts
✯ Set percentage or a fixed amount
✯ Own order total method (SocialDiscounts)
✯ Each action gives different discount
✯ Multilingual description on the store front for each button
✯ Enable or disable SocialDiscounts for specific customer group
✯ Calculate discounts before or after taxes
✯ Added "Delete All" button in the list of Facebook Shares
✯ Admin can order the buttons on the store front
✯ Administration UI improvements
✯ Easy Position anywhere
✯ User Custom/Default user layout
✯ Multilingual support
✯ Set custom message
✯ Customize message via a Rich Text Editor

✯ User Like/Share or both
✯ Select share URL
✯ Enter shared link caption
✯ Enter shared link Description
✯ Choose among 4 button designs
✯ Choose Facebook button name
✯ Choose maximum coupon usage
✯ Please note that as of the latest Facebook SDK update FacebookLogin requires PHP 5.4+.


✯ User Tweet/Follow or both
✯ Choose Twitter hashtag to apply promo
✯ Choose User to follow to apply promo
✯ Set Tweet message

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