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Free gifts is one of the most effective ways to include the cart total. TieredGifts allows you to create different gift tiers and add multiple gifts that a customer can choose from. The module also creates a different page that you can put on your main menu. Once the customer goes to the page they can see all the cool free gifts they can choose from (if they spend enough money). In case the customer misses this page you can show them the page once again right before the checkout.

Main Features:

✯ Create unlimited gifts tiers - Set various cart total requirements before a customer can unlock the gifts in the tier. 
✯ Add multiple gifts per tier - Add as many various free gifts that customers can choose from.
✯ One page. All the gifts - Never get the customer wondering. Showcase all available gifts in a single page. 
✯ Free gifts category on the main menu - TieredGifts adds an optional “Free Gifts” category on the main menu
✯ Set custom gift tier (teaser) messages - Having more than one tier? You can tease customers by telling them that they can get this really awesome gift if they spend just a bit more $$$
✯ Show a message if the customer is not eligible for any gifts 
✯ Works with product options
✯ Tax ready
✯ Multi-Lingual Support - If your store is running in more than one language, TieredGifts does too.
✯ Clean and crisp - No core files modified
✯ TieredGifts is following the default OpenCart functionality to apply discounts in the shopping cart, which makes it also compatible with all third-party checkout modules in the marketplace.

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