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According to Baymard Institute, a Denmark web research company, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This means that when a customer is browsing through your website and decides to add an item to cart, there is a big chance they will not check out. They can abandon the cart half way, during the view cart or upon entering their address. AbandonedCarts is a product that helps you solve this. AbandonedCarts allows you to review your customer's abandoned checkouts, send an automatic or manual email with a link to their cart and/or provide a discount hook.

Main Features

✯ New Feature: 'View Cart' functionality. Adds link in the email template, which when clicked will restore customers' cart in the store just like it was in the abandoned cart record in the module 
✯ Schedule emails - Schedule how many days after the cart is abandoned, each email notification to be sent
✯ Set up discounts - Fixed amount, percentage or no discount at all. AbandonedCarts can automatically create discounts which you can include in the emails.
✯ Discounts Options - Configure the validity of the discount codes. Choose between valid for all products in your store or the ones in your cart.
✯ Statistics - A statistics section gives you summarized information for all abandoned carts, coupons and most popular pages where carts are abandoned. 
✯ Free shipping - Just like the OpenCart coupons functionality, AbandonedCarts allows you to offer free shipping together with each discount that you send.
✯ Track Conversions - A special conversions section will show you a detailed information for each abandoned cart that converted after the email notification.
✯ Dashboard Widget - Abandoned carts are crucial for your business. Add a widget in the dashboard of your store and keep a closer look to the abandoned carts.
✯ Cart Products - Include the products that are in the abandoned cart into the email notification that you send.

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