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SEO BackPack came as a result of more than 4 years of exploration, podcasts, forums and research on SEO best practices and its evolution. It is inspired by the advice of worldwide SEO Experts like Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwarz, Neil Patel and Danny Sullivan. Featuring more than 40 different product features as well as 4 features not available in any other product in the market. 


When we designed the plugin we stressed on transparency, so that the user knows exactly what problems are being fixed and can relate to them. Knowing where you stand, once you apparently fix issues you would like to know how well you did - SEO Backpack shows your score. SEO Backpack is all about what's important in the SEO realm for 2017.

One-Fix Button for All Issues
We got frustrated by the lack of transparency regarding the functionality behind SEO modules and what they really do. SEO Backpack reports possible areas for improvement in your site and gets them fixed with a single click of a button. No additional menus and unclear settings. Click the FIX button and see what’s improved. You’re all set.

SEO Score Gauge
We created an algorithm to calculate and display your SEO score directly on your dashboard. No technical knowledge required.

Search Engine Analytics
Search Engine Analytics is a homebuilt functionality that allows you to identify which pages are most likely to be indexed by search engines. Currently supports Google, Bing and Yandex.

SEO Crawler
Our in-house built crawler measures your on-page SEO performance. It fetches your site’s URLs several times for running various tests. The results are displayed in a personalized report.

Also Includes
Auto-generator for Meta-everything, Image renamer, Reports on what was made and Twitter Cards

SEO Backpack comes with support for Rich Snippets, hreflang tags, robots.txt editor as well as multi-lingual support

Also features an .htaccess editor, Friendly SEO URL Converter, Facebook Open Graph and Google Publisher support

And even more
As many as 50 different SEO features in total. For best experience and SEO score for your store.

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