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Полезные MySQL запросы

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#1 Добавление случайным 1000 товарам акционной цены (случайная скидка от 2 до 25%) со случайным временным интервалом (от 5 до 30 дней)

  @discount_from = 2, 
  @discount_to = 25, 
  @days_from = 5, 
  @days_to = 30;

INSERT INTO product_special (product_id, customer_group_id, price, date_start, date_end)
SELECT product_id, '1', (price - price / 100 * ROUND(RAND() * (@discount_to - @discount_from) + @discount_from)), NOW(), DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL ROUND(RAND() * (@days_to - @days_from) + @days_from) DAY) FROM product ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1000;


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SELECT COUNT(p2c.product_id), c.category_id, cd.name
FROM oc_category c
LEFT JOIN oc_product_to_category p2c ON c.category_id=p2c.category_id
LEFT JOIN oc_category_description cd ON
c.category_id= cd.category_id and cd.language_id =1
GROUP by c.category_id
HAVING COUNT(p2c.product_id) <1

Получить категории без товаров

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11 часов назад, chukcha сказал:

Получить категории без товаров

Второй вариант

SELECT c.category_id, cd.name
FROM category c
LEFT JOIN product_to_category p2c ON c.category_id=p2c.category_id
LEFT JOIN category_description cd ON c.category_id = cd.category_id
WHERE p2c.category_id IS NULL AND cd.language_id = 1


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#3. Выводим дубли seo url псевдонимов

SELECT keyword, GROUP_CONCAT(`query` SEPARATOR ',') AS queries FROM url_alias [seo_url > OpenCart 3] GROUP BY keyword HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

Формат вывода:


keyword									queries

lenovo-ideapad-g575g-59-313661			product_id=30153,product_id=36677
lenovo-ideapad-g580a-59-331305			product_id=34948,product_id=36681
lenovo-ideapad-g580a-59-334648			product_id=34955,product_id=36913
lenovo-ideapad-s110-white-59366619		product_id=48671,product_id=48670
lenovo-ideapad-z580a-59-333632			product_id=36685,product_id=34951
lenovo-ideapad-z580a-59-334147			product_id=34954,product_id=36689
lg-a09aw1					product_id=17823,product_id=33922
lg-ms-1949g					product_id=35740,product_id=21386
logicpower					manufacturer_id=245,manufacturer_id=1330
lux						manufacturer_id=1,manufacturer_id=249


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